New Single 'A Million Songs'

Infinite Potential

Nate Utley

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Infinite Potential

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A unique expression of Acoustic/Rock, 'Infinite Potential' will pleasantly surprise you with its lyrical content and genre bending sounds.

Upbeat and energetic, this album features acoustic guitar at its foundation, an assortment of electronic sounds, hard hitting percussion, smooth, crisp guitar leads and lyrical content reminiscent of college life.

"Infinite Potential is a musical description of my college years. Every song on the album was written while I was in college and every song has a detailed story behind it. Love, heartbreak, partying, friendship. These are at the core of my musical content. This e.p does a great job of introducing who I am to the world while leaving people wondering what type of music comes next."

Produced by : JA

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  1. 1 Blue Dream 03:57
  2. 2 What Up 04:49
  3. 3 Bet 03:36
  4. 4 It's Over 04:59
  5. 5 Blowtorch 04:28
  6. 6 A Million Songs 03:38
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